FC 24:The Elastico is the only 5-star skill

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FC 24 is loaded with numerous skill moves that can often be overwhelming, leaving you with EA FC 24 Coins a headache trying to remember them all. But today, I'm here to simplify things and break down the most important and essential skill moves that will help you secure victory in any match. These are the only skill moves you need to know in FC 24, and I'll guide you through each one of them.

The Control Sprint:
Let's start with a move that's not technically a skill move, but it's essential nonetheless – the Control Sprint. This move is new for this year, and it's arguably one of the best and most powerful in the game. To execute it, simply hold down the R1 (RB on Xbox) button and move the left stick. Use it when taking a short corner kick or when you want to swiftly advance down the sideline. The key is to target the weak defensive link between the fullback and center-back.

Remember to avoid using the sprint button while doing this move; just focus on holding R1 and gently moving the left stick in small motions for maximum effectiveness. If you're playing with a "Technical" playstyle, this move becomes even more potent.

Ball Roll:
The Ball Roll is a classic move that remains highly effective in FC 24. It's simple to perform and can improve various actions, such as passing, crossing, or taking a shot. The Ball Roll is also a great way to beat the goalkeeper. To execute it, hold the right stick either down or up (no flicking), and the player will perform a Ball Roll. Holding it for a bit longer results in multiple Ball Rolls.

Step Overs:
Step Overs are versatile moves that you can perform in different directions – straight forward, left, right, or diagonal. This unpredictability makes it challenging for your opponent to defend against you. After executing Step Overs, you'll also receive a small acceleration boost, making it even harder to stop. To perform Step Overs, combine the right stick and left stick, making a quarter-circle motion with the right stick while looking forward. The exit direction is determined by the left stick.

The Flare is a new skill move in FC 24, and like the Step Overs, it can be executed in various directions, making it difficult to defend against. The Flare move is fast, allowing you to quickly turn and take a shot. To perform it, hold down L1 (LB on Xbox), R1 (RB on Xbox), and flick the right stick in any direction.

Heel to Ball Roll:
This move was added last year and is incredibly useful, especially when you want to cut inside slightly and protect the ball. It's perfect when you have a slight angle towards the corner flag. To execute it, you need to combine the right stick and left stick, making it a bit more challenging than some other skill moves. Hold down L1 (LB on Xbox), flick the right stick twice (first forward, then in the opposite direction), and use the left stick to determine the exit direction.

Explosive Fake Shot:
The Explosive Fake Shot is a great way to change direction quickly and score. However, you'll need a player with a 4-star skill level and 85+ in both Sprint Speed and Acceleration to perform this move. It's a simple move that involves using the square (X on Xbox) and circle (B on Xbox) buttons in quick succession.

La Croqueta:
La Croqueta is one of the most effective moves in FC 24, especially when you have no clear angle to the goal. It's also handy for stopping the ball and creating space for a shot. To perform it, hold L1 (LB on Xbox), and move the right stick up or down, similar to a Ball Roll.

The Elastico is the only 5-star skill move in our list and is essential to master. It's a fantastic way to create space for a shot, and it's especially effective when you aim towards the corner flag. To perform it, make a 180-degree motion with the right stick, starting from down to up for the regular version and up to down for the reverse version. This move is excellent for positioning yourself for a perfect shot.

Mastering these essential skill moves in FC 24 can make a world of difference in your gameplay. Whether cheap FC 24 Coins you're a seasoned player or new to the game, incorporating these moves into your arsenal can help you outmaneuver opponents, create scoring opportunities, and improve your overall performance on the virtual pitch. Practice these moves in different situations to gain a better understanding of when and how to use them effectively. With these skills in your arsenal, you'll be well on your way to dominating your opponents and achieving victory in FC 24. Good luck, and may your skills lead you to victory on the field!
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